Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Chats -Marvelous Menopause September 12, 2010

What a great afternoon of information, fun and food we had at this month's Sunday Afternoon Chats. We were there to learn about menopause and change our perception of this feminine experience from menacing to marvelous. Gail Wyckhouse was the facilitator of the afternoon. She is a health coach with a natural ability to capture our attention and put focus on things that we try to avoid, all the while making it interesting.
We laughed while we learned. We shared stories and it was great to hear from others their perspectives about how they are experiencing their body changes. Menopause can be a spiritual experience because it brings you information about yourself and where you are in understanding your life and your journey.
Gail's message is that the symptoms of menopause can be relieved with naturals methods. Good diet, the right supplements, exercise and good sleeping habits were a few alternatives we discussed.
And oh the treats she made for us. We sampled a great smoothie she made from green vegtables and fruit. Unless you were told in advance, you would have no idea there were vegtables in it. And making it was so easy. Then the wheatberry salad full of whole grains, fruits and vegtables was irresistable. It was surprisingly delicious. And the health benefits of both were far reaching. There is so much we need to be aware of nutritionally. Not just in the content of food, but how it is grown, packaged and brought to market. She said becoming an informed consumer is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

Gail will be presenting once a month on various health topics important to our overall health and well being. Next month she will school us about PH and why knowing what it means will help us balance it with foods and diet. Once again we will get more exposure to healthy foods with the samples she will provide along with great recipes.
Are you ready to be your best self? Empower yourself with knowledge and have fun doing it by coming to one of the Center's events. You may be surprised at how good being good to yourself can feel.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sun Gazing Lecture with Hira Ratan Manek -October 4, 2008

Ancient sun worshippers had an understanding and wisdom about the many positive healing qualities of the sun. And we in this time need to be open to the possibilities that come from partaking directly of the sun's energy. This was the message of Hira Ratan Manek (aka HRM) a renown Sun Gazer who is here from India to increase awareness about this ancient practice. He came to the Center on Saturday sharing his story and his wisdom with those of us who were intrigued by the concept.

He is a quiet man whose demeanor and tenor changed acutely as he began to instruct us on what a tremendous resource the sun is for healing of the mind, body and spirit. His voice boomed as he told us how sun gazing for 270 days provides photons to the body which heals it of all weaknesses, emotional discord and illness for life. It starts with providing healing of the mind in the first 90 days of practice. You start gradually sun gazing only for seconds during the hour after sunrise and/or the hour before sunset. According to HRM this is when the sun emits no harmful ultraviolet rays making it safe to look at. You build gradually starting at 10 seconds on the first day, increasing your time until by the end of 90 days you are sun gazing for 15 minutes.

During the next 90 days you increase your time sun gazing until you reach 30 minutes a day. At this point you are healing all of your physical issues. He revealed he has experienced and seen amazing cures happen to individuals practicing sun gazing.

HRM told those in attendance that retention of photons is cumulative. Once you have reached a certain level you retain the healing qualities for life. Finally in the next 90 days you raise your rate of sun gazing to 45 minutes. He reported that emotional challenges and spiritual enlightenment come to the person at the level of their consciousness and they will begin to change their perceptions and take action to experience the higher vibrations of life in general.

He discussed his own life and the healing he experienced from his dedicated practice. He was observed by members of the medical community as he sun gazed for nourishment for 411 days. He took in no food, only water to the amazement of the medical establishment. The medical report is available for viewing on his website. All of this was just a small part of what he shared. I have a DVD of his talk and will be scheduling a time when those of you who missed the opportunity to hear this dynamic man talk can learn more about sun gazing and how it may benefit you.

Those who showed up to hear HRM came from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems. Some were open minded in general just seeking more wisdom. Some have dedicated practices in body, mind or spirit healing modalities and came to hear how this wisdom could be incorporated in their work and their lives. The question and answers session left us all thinking about the wonderful gifts this planet and universe have for us if we will open our minds and open our spirit to different things to make our lives better. My hope for everyone is that we awaken to the greater knowing within us and follow that awareness with courage. I for one have begun sun gazing and I am excited about the greater me to come!

May the light of the sun awaken the glow within you!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soul Essence Expanding: SEE the Vision Workshop

Thank you to all the participants of our Soul Essence Constellation Workshop. Amazing work was experienced by everyone who participated. The power of the spirit is capable of bringing great healing to us when we are willing to experience the wisdom in the "knowing field."
I was touched by the courage of each person who decided to do work. It is amazing to see how your soul creates, yet it can be very revealing and there are moments when you may feel very vulnerable. But the reward is so great. There is great truth that you feel in your heart when the constellation unfolds. You can feel the truth and you can also feel the love of each representative doing the work. You cannot walk away unmoved by the experience and true to form, no one did. Each took with them a piece of the miraculous knowledge that is revealed and it is always relevant to you whether your are the focus of the work or a representative or holding the space in the gallery. It is hard to deny the workings of your spirit, when it shows up right in front of you. And since everything is energy, as the constellation moves into the healing picture, you are healed in that instant. There is a part of you that knows this instantly. In one truly poignant constellation we moved through 40 years worth of energy in an hour. And the healing brought peace for those here, but we also felt for the ancestors as well. This work is profound.
I have bonded at the heart with each and every workshop participant. A piece of them lives in my heart and I know I live in theirs. And as the goal of constellation work is to open the flow of love in your life, I have definitely feel that flow more acutely.
If you have not had a chance to experience the work, make a point to take a look at creating that opportunity for yourself. You will be amazed at the possibilities for you!

In love and light,
Deb Foggio

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to The Center For Integrative Well Being's Blog

Hello Everyone. Welcome to our new Blog. We are very interested in communicating with you about our events, your perspectives, your ideas and your beliefs about life. Please feel free to post your comments as we will be sharing our ideas and reflections on life and the ongoing experiences we are having at the Center.

May you have a wonderful and blessed day.

Many Blessings,